08 December 2010

Christmastime is Here…

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I like driving around looking at the cheesy lights and decorations. I love the music. I love the cookies and treats and pies. I love the generosity that seems to spring up. I love the trees and presents…I LOVE IT ALL!

It seems this year i’ve been thinking a bit more about the Sweet Lord Baby Jesus. It’s such an oxymoron that He was born this tender, sweet, innocent child to die such a gruesome death and be counted among thieves and murders (sinners).

It’s so easy for people to love the Baby Jesus and be so offended by the Crucified Christ and the Soon Coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords - you know, the One by whose name is the only way for anyone to enter Heaven.

Any nativity scene worth it’s weight is a brilliant picture of John 3:16 - For God so love the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall be saved. Jesus left the fellowship of His Father and the Holy Spirit, the glory of Heaven to come into a very humble stable to be born of a woman and live as we live. And not only to live as we live, but to die in our place and then to rise again. AMAZING!

What a gift that God gave!

21 April 2010

New Blog

i've moved over to http://chalfant.tumblr.com/

05 March 2010

I Got a Feeling...

i’m pretty happy with the results of American Idol on Thursday night. if you haven’t heard, John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor & Haeley Vaughn were all sent home last night.

John had great promise early in the competition but just never brought it. Lack luster performance & bad song choices sealed the deal.

Jermaine is entertaining drama in a bow tie. this dude should be on a reality show, he’d fit right in. His singing was a bit overboard like his attitude and mouth.

Michelle has a pretty good voice but never really had a star moment. She also had some questionable song choices - waaaaay safe the first week and totally undersinging Creed this week. She’s more of the pop diva in a field of quirky singer-songwriters.

Haeley was just not ready for this competition. i didn’t think the judges should’ve put her in the top 24. She seems sweet as can be and has great potential but the singing just isn’t there yet. She’s only 16 so there’s plenty of time and i’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future.

Let’s do it all again next week. Next week is the final chance for the the Idols to make it into the final 12 - those who tour, sing on the cd and go to the big stage.

Did the voters get it right? thots? opinions?

04 March 2010

Idol Thots 3Mar10 - Girls

Let me just say this again was far better than last week’s performances.

Crystal Bowersox - so real, so good, so believable. Loved the gospel feel.
Katelyn Epperly - first off, I love this song but was scared it would be draggy. Nope, she delivered! Great voice & great emotion.

Pretty Good:
Lilly Scott - she has such an interesting voice. She reminds me of a less quirky Taylor Hicks - so into the music.
Katie Stevens - I like her singing older songs, they seem to suit her voice. She could dress & act a bit younger but the voice is great.
Siobhan Magnus - pretty bold to take on Aretha. That one note was worth all the little mistakes at the front.

Not Bad:
Paige Miles - sounded just like Kelly’s original to me. Great voice but forgettable.
Michelle Delamar - good voice but no power for the power ballad.
Lacey Brown - Kiss Me was a great song choice but she just doesn’t have that star power.
Didi Benami - I thot she did better than the judges gave her credit for. Very likeable & interesting voice.

Haeley Vaughn - great personality, cute, bubbly but waaaaay pitchy & she oversings.

I’m thinking Lacey, Didi, Paige & Michelle are in danger of going home. Haeley should be sent packing but will stay (I think I’m gonna be typing that for a while)

Your thots?

03 March 2010

Idol Thots 3Mar10

Last night's guy performances were far better than lasts week but still...these are the top 10 guys???

Michael Lynch - dude is the real deal. he's not trying too hard, he's just being himself and singing well.

Not Bad:
Alex Lambert - 200% better than last week. so much more relaxed and amazing tone!

Aaron Kelly - showed a lot more personality this week, but please don't use the falsetto again.

Not Quite:
Casey James - i wasn't blown away but i'm still a fan. not a bad guitar player.

Andrew Garcia - i'm a big Andrew fan, but he was trying a bit to had to show he can sing and was pitchy and awkward.

Lee Dewyze - saw a bit more promise last night, but just not whatever Simon sees in this guy.

Tim Urban - far better than last week but he just doesn't have that "it" or star factor. he doesn't make me want to hear him sing. Ellen summed it up great with the acting/singing thing.

Not Good:
Todrick Hall - good tone but trying to prove himself a bit too much. his attitude/ego are in the way as well.

Jermaine Sellers - again, waaaaay tooooooo much. wasn't digging the Pee Wee duds singing a serious social song - kinda weird.

John Park - this guy can sing, he just has no star power or umph. weird song choices and a bit too chill on them.

Danger! Danger!
I'm thinking Todrick, Jermaine & John are all in danger on Thursday. Tim isn't totally safe either.

BIG GOD Adventures

When we moved to Australia a few years ago, we called it our Big God Adventure. It truly was a big God who called the Chalfant 5 out of comfy Ohio and around the world.

We truly saw a big God at work in providing & blessing & guiding us for 2 years overseas.

But I’m thinking I’m seeing a new side of our Big God now. We’ve been back for almost 5 years now and all my big dreams & plans have not really come to pass like I wanted them to. But I’m realizing that’s ok. It’s not about my dreams & plans - it’s about Jesus.

If it’s all up to me & my planning & desires, how big is God in that? But as I submit & humble myself before Him, He gets bigger as I subside - not really me but my selfishness. I must decrease so that He may increase.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, maybe the hardest season of my life, but I’m starting to understand it a bit.

It all comes down to Jesus.

25 February 2010

Idol Thots - 25Feb2010

YIKES! that show last night was painful! the music was mixed better with the voices but the voices and performances were not Top 24.

i'll break the guys up in groups again, the guys are in no particular order in each group. here we go.

"Big Mike" Lynche - voice, energy, great song, presence...he had it all, except why did he have that guitar?
Casey James - great job on the power ballad but ditch the constant smile - kinda weird.
Andrew Garcia - he has so much energy and creativity and he actually played his guitar. i'm liking this guy.

Not Bad:
Aaron Kelly - the Rascal Flatts song was perfect for him, he's just young and still learning. If he gets some confidence on that big stage, look out - the new Archeletta.
Joe Munoz - i'd never heard this guy. he wasn't bad, just not memorable

Not Bad but Not Good:
Tyler Grady - totally agree with the judges on the 70's schtick - use to add to who you are not define who you are. he wasn't bad on the song, just overdone on the Morrison/Plant thing.
John Park - tons of potential but really bad song choice. with all the runs and vibrato, it took me a while to realize he was singing in English
Jermaine Sellers - tons of talent that he tried to show off in one little song. chill it out

A Little Help Please:
Todrick Hall - what song was that? good stage presence, but pick a key for the chorus
Tim Urban - not a bad voice but Nerves! felt like he was singing at about 60% - no energy or follow thru
Lee Dewyze - haven't really heard him before. Not a bad voice but very pitchy
Alex Lambert - Tim Urban take 2. decent voice, but Nerves! no energy

i'm thinking Joe Munoz, Jermaine Sellers or possible John Park will be going home. Lee or Tim probably should be going home, but i think Simon's comment about Lee being the best and Tim's face will keep them in.

What do you think?

24 February 2010

Idol Thots 24Feb2010

We've finally begun! Since it's supposedly a girl's year, i was anxious to hear what the girls had to offer. There were a few i hadn't heard yet, so let the show begin...

Let me first say the mix was weird - the music was so soft, it was hard to get the true passion & umph of some of the songs. i think is made some of the softer performances seem more boring.

i'm going to put the performances into groups - my top, mid and not-so-good singers.

Top in no particular order:
Lilly Scott - she messes with me because her talking & singing voices are so different. Lilly has one of the most interesting and engaging voices. She is, as the judges say, believable.
Katelyn Epperly - One of the best performances of the night. Great voice, great control, she didn't just come out & sing but performed & felt it. i was surprised
Didi Benami - great song, great interpretation, interesting voice. a bit subdued but good.
Crystal Bowersox - great feel & vibe. she's a true musician & knows how to bring it. She's very real & i think the first Idol to play 2 instruments at the same time

Almost top:
Michelle Delamar - i don't think i'd heard her before. She has great voice, but gave a boring performance. It didn't seem much different from the Alicia Keys version.
Siobhan Magnus - i love this song, Wicked Game! i think she started lower than i can sing but really brought it out when she needed to. She just seems a bit awkward.

Paige Miles - Paige is another one i'd never heard before. She has a pretty good voice but the performace was a bit karaoke. She made me nervous with switching the mic between hands after every line.
Ashley Rodriguez - She has a great voice, but this was boring & a bit shakey in the chorus. It seemed like she was playing it safe.
Katy Stevens - I like her and love the song, but this was so pitchy & safe.

Not quite bottom:
Janell Wheeler- She sang Heart the best she could, but it was no where near the original. It was a pretty bland, party singer performance - not bad, but not outstanding.
Lacey Brown - She has a great voice, but it was seriously wasted on this boring song. It was not a good performance.

Haeley Vaughn - Taylor at the Grammys - She sings so sloppy, sliding in & out of notes. She totally over sang the big notes. She has so much charm & presence but needs to mature A LOT! i don't think she ready for this, or we're ready for week after week of her!

So, i'm thinking Lacey will be going home Thursday. Haeley should be leaving, but i think Janell or Paige will be going.

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